About La Lochelle

About La Lochelle / ラ・ロシェルHOME

Owner and Chef Sakai
With a white coat and tall hat, chef Sakai has been on road of French cuisine since he was 17 years old, over 40 years. Since his start the, chef Sakai has been supported by his many seniors and peers and has been driven by the smiley faces of his happy customers. More than anything he likes to make delicious food and will continue to do so until he cannot any more.

Elegant service from sophisticated staff.
unwind the mind with complex wine, alluring dishes, and a comfortable dining atmosphere. From beginning to end, we strive for all of our guests satisfaction.

"We are in constant persuit of great divine dishes and the happiness of our guests. express yourself through each dish...." chef said.
We try to be a restaurant where the guest can enjoy themselves at their own pace and get exactly what they want.

"An enjoyable meal" starts from a single dish and spreads from there. each ingredient is a gift from mother nature.
We try to invent the most delicious dishes by using the freshest ingredients and working with what is freshest during each season.

Owner Chef Mr.Sakai

1942 Chef Sakai was born in Kagoshima.
At the age of 17 he entered the world of French cuisine at the Shin Osaka Hotel. At 19 he moved to Australia for a year and a half to work at the Oriental Hotel. Afterwards he returned to Japan.
1963 Chef Sakai began working at the Shiki in Tokyo’s Ginza district. Sakai was guided by the pioneer chef Shido Kitade for three years before he moved to Aoyama and began working at the coco palms and the Jhon kanaya where he began his work as a head chef.
1980 Chef Sakai became independent and opened his first La Rochelle in southern Aoyama prefecture.
1994 February: Chef Sakai debuted as ‘Iron Chef’ of Fuji Televisions “Iron Chef” program.
1999 Chef Sakai opened his second La Rochelle, this one located in Minami Aoyama.
September: Chef Sakai became the top chef on “Iron Chef.”
2002 La Rochelle Fukuoka opened
2005 Chef Sakai was awarded with the title of chevalier in France.
“I am a head chef, sometimes I am an ‘Iron Chef.’” –Kodansha Ltd.
“Monsieur Sakai, eat food at your own pace” –KK Best Sellers
“Sakai’s French cuisine” -KOSAIDO PUBLISHING Ltd.
“Hiroyuki Sakai’s casual French” –Lettuce Club
‘ryori no tetsujin’
The TV show “ryori no tetsujin” that started in 1993 in Osaka is now a popular TV program in America called “Iron Chef”. With hints of Osaka in its wake Chef Sakai became one of the more popular Iron Chefs on the hit TV show in America


1957 Born and raised in hokkaido, imakane chou.
1985 Left Morinaga Tokyo Airport Restaurant to work in Aoyama La Rochelle
Moved to Shibuya and became head chef at Shibuya
Moved to Fukuoka and became Executive Chef in the newly opened La Rochelle in Tenjin, Fukuoka.

Every day I arrive at work with the rest of the staff and we happily do our jobs as hitch-free as possible.
Monsieur Sakai’s quote, “The important points in cooking are beauty and flavor” has always stuck with me when cooking.